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Our flying school, Leading Edge Flight Training, is obliged under the regulations to contract a CAA approved organisation for CAM (Continuing Airworthiness Management) and engineering services. These services are essential for the school to operate.

Schedules for simple routine servicing including 50-hour checks and rectification can be difficult to predict due to weather and other factors. Without complete flexibility, the flying school could not maximise the availability of aircraft.

It is also essential we have the confidence that given timescales are accurate and not subject to unreasonable changes. And when the unexpected happens, we need the support to get us back operational as quickly as possible.


  • Management of all aircraft documents
  • Maintenance Program covering scheduled task, Airworthiness Directives, and Life Components
  • Regular ‘Aircraft Status report’ and scheduling updates

Latest Update

Leading Edge Aircraft Engineering was formed in 2021 to provide local engineering support under the approval of our contracted maintenance organisation.

While this initially worked well, it quickly identified concerns with our contracted provider.

It was decided in late 2022 to apply to the CAA for our own Part CAO. This would give us 100% control of our own Continuing Airworthiness Management and engineering.

Our application has a unique structure which would provide maximum flexibility while retaining full control.

The CAA visited late January 2023 to determine the suitability of our proposed application. Approval has been recommended and we are currently waiting to receive our approval certificate.


Business Plan

We will progress to ensure our flying school has the engineering required and based aircraft have access to excellent support.

We have no immediate plans to take on more in-depth servicing as the relationship is convenient and cost-effective.

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Our Team

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Licenced Engineer