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What are you paying for?

If you contract a CAMO to look after your aircraft you are entitled to receive the service you are paying for. Most CAMO's charge a monthly or annual fee. Others provide it free of charge on the understanding you are paying for them to provide the engineering services. Either way, it is important to understand the tole they should be providing:- 1. They should be providing you with the required information to ensure you remain compliant with your maintenance. 2. They should be providing you with an agreed maintenance program. This should be done in consultation with yourself to ensure you understand the options available. You should have the ultimate decision on what work requires to be done on your aircraft. 3. They should maintain accurate records of the maintenance required for your aircraft. 4. They should plan and schedule for future servicing requirements. They should NOT use a contract to lock you into their own servicing. They should NOT use a contract to justify unnecessary or unauthorised work. Remember - you are paying them for the CAM service!

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